Lenovo Phab Plus - No Power

Submitted by : Mr. Stantz //
Back about 5 years ago I experienced this same problem with my Ainol Tablet, there is no power, no nothing. I remember doing almost everything I can think of such as pressing the power for about 20 seconds, pressing the power and down button simultaneously, pressing the up and down button simultaneously, tapping the tablet into the heel of my palm, all these I did it to my tablet, but alas, nothing changed. So the very first thing I thought of is how to reset it. But the problem is the battery is non-removable, so I went to a repair shop in a Mall near our residence. There were a handful of these stores that solves your "No Power" "No Signal" "Open Line" "Password" of your gadgets. And it costs me a 1,000 pesos (U.S. $20) to repair it. I also asked what is the reason for this problem and he said "do not let the battery drain to zero." That is it, that is the only problem. Never let the battery of your gadget be drained to zero. 

So now, I am faced with this problem again with my Lenovo Phab Plus. The last thing that I did is to unplugged the charger and it registered a 53% charging, since I will be going out, It is my habit not to leave my gadgets and other electrical devices plugged or running. I left it with the charging cable in the charging port of the phone while the power of the charger is unplugged. My only suspicion on how the Lenovo phone got discharged to the point of zero is probably in the circuit of the charger. There are electronic circuits most of the time like chargers that is equip with "bleeders". These "bleeders" are responsible in the discharging of latent voltages from devices that might electric shocked a person when  their certain metal part is touched.   

My Lenovo has no power and I replicated all the things I did to my previous tablet from pressing the power button to tapping the phone but nada, nothing changed. Its so frustrating. A lot of things slowly creeping in my mind such as the reason it was sold is there is a problem, that is why I got it for a bargain. Because I bought it second hand. Again I thought of how to reset the gadget, I was thinking of going to the repairman, then it entered my mind that one way to hard reset is to drain the gadget's battery to nil or zero as in nothing. But the battery is again non-removable. So the only way is
I just left it in my drawer for 3 days ( to be sure leave it for 5 to 7 days if the 3 days did not work) without doing anything even pushing the power button for a second. And on the third day I connected the charger and let it charge (maybe, crossing my finger). After 30 mins I tried pressing the power button and "lo and behold" there is indication of charging, it says 6% charging and the time is 00:00, so it means it started dead (battery). In my ecstasy, I let it charge for 2 hours, then I turned it on and now happily using it again.             

Save 24 pesos for every 500 pesos gasoline filled

Submitted by : Jack Trades //

If by chance you are in the vicinity of New Manila Q.C. and need to fill-up your gas tank you can save  about 5% or 24 pesos for every 500 pesos diesel or gasoline purchased at Petron G.Araneta Avenue cor. E.Rodriguez Sr. when you show your Puregold Perks Card. This discount is still running as of this writing and I don't know when it will end and not sure if this is honored in other Petron stations. So hurry and go to your nearest Puregold Store and avail their Perks Card worth 100 pesos. Aside from the savings you get from the purchases of fuel you also get points from your purchases at Puregold.

Petron G. Araneta cor. E. Rodriguez infront of Puregold Q.I. via Google Maps 

Pain in your lower back ? Possible kidney problem.

Submitted by : Mr. Stantz //
Are you experiencing pain in your lower back where the kidney is situated ? Is the pain stay on the same spot ? Is the color your usually is yellow tp dark yellow ? Do you noticed that you have not taken enough water everyday or less than 10 glasses ? A 10 glasses of water equals 2 liters of water. Chances are you are experiencing the start of a kidney problem, a problem that may lead to kidney illness and eventually failure. You can start treating the problem with the suggestions above by taking enough water everyday. And lessening your salt intake such as :

1. Limit your salt intake These are foods prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  
2. Reduce or remove intake of soy sauce or fish sauce in your dips.
3. Reduce or remove intake of salty junk foods such as potato chips, corn chips etc.
4. Reduce or remove from your diet salty foods such as dried fish (tuyo) and bagoong (shrimp paste).  

After following the above suggestions you MAY include a supplement that made wonders in my health which I also experienced this problem. I started taking "Renalin" a food supplement that is for the health of our kidneys. Let me reiterate that I am not endorsing this product. It just helped me with my problem fast. There might be some other supplements that is better than this but so far I have only tried this aside from the usual increase of water intake. 

How to use :
When experiencing pain, take 2 capsules three times a day for about three days. On the second day you must experience relief or experience a reduced pain. After the pain have subside you can now reduce your intake to 1 capsule three times a day for one week. After a week you may or may not continue your intake, if in case you opt to continue you may take 1 capsule in the morning and another in the evening to lessen expense.

Warning :
Before taking any form of medication or supplement, it is highly recommended to seek the advice of a professional expert.

Alternative for Jeepney Modernization Program

Submitted by : Mr. Stantz //

These past few months there are talks and now implementation of phasing out the Philippines' "King of the Road" - the Jeepney. The Jeepney, which is not just your average cheap transportation, it also has been part of the Filipinos' life journey  through decades of colonization, hardships and day to day struggle of living in the Philippines mostly by the low and medium income class. It short, the lowly Jeepey is already embedded in the Filipinos lifeblood just like balut, bagoong, dirty ice cream, taho and the like.
Our government has decided to upgrade these motorized beasts of burden for the purpose of probably the following which for me is justifiable :

1. They are "running smokestacks" or smoke belchers. Which contributes to the causes of lung illnesses.

2. They are also somewhat "running coffins" (pardon my candor). If you are updated by the local current news, almost everyday aside from motorcycle accidents you would also hear news about car accidents involving jeepneys mostly as a result of failure in  mechanical safety devices. This probably is due to their dilapidated condition which is also I can say to some of the provincial and city buses.

3. Large contributor to the greenhouse effect  or carbon emissions. As they are very inefficient being old, gas guzzler and not well-maintained.
Everyday you would see this vehicle traversing the small streets of Manila at 30 kilometers per hour taking its time, stopping at every corner of the street loading and unloading passengers in the middle of the street with no regards if they are causing traffic. While the brute-sized jeepneys zigzagging the roads to Cubao and Pasig.

With these developments, protests and "tigil pasadas" (no trip) are transpiring. A good alternative the government should look into is the "HHO Generator". HHO generation for vehicles would be a very good option for the government and for the Jeepney operators and drivers.

Basic HHO generator

Heavy duty HHO generation

Separation of Hydrogen and Oxygen from water

What is HHO generation ?
HHO generation is a process in which one can produce hydrogen as fuel for gasoline and diesel engines from water with a little modification or addition of a small apparatus to the engine. It is the process of running electric current in water thus breaking them into water's basic molecule components which are two oxygen and one hydrogen. The by-product of the combustion of hydrogen is steam or plain water vapor. Which will help reduce the World's global warming.

can also be bought online

a more commercial type of HHO generator

With this, we can solve the smoke belcher or "running smokestack" problem while the "running coffin" problem can be addressed little by little say giving the Jeepney operators ample time to repair, modify or upgrade their jeepneys. Also The government will state how long this upgrade of jeepney will be and increase the penalties of jeepneys involving in mechanical failure accidents.

A team of researchers must be formed as this is a gray area in the field of renewable energy and who is the better person that would head this team that believes and advocates renewable energy than Mr. Bongbong Marcos. Mr. Bongbong Marcos advocates the wind energy of Ilocos. He is also pushing the research in the production of "tritium" or heavy water in the deepest part of our ocean. This gas is also very similar to the hydrogen gas that is produce from the HHO generator.  

Herein the Phillippines, there is an inventor of this HHO generator. 

References :

Migraines - Need help ?


Submitted by : Mr. Stantz //

I will not get into details what a migraine is, you can just google it. The first time I encountered it is when I was about 15 years old. Everyday at noon I would experience its presence and everyday I will just lie in bed weeping, sometimes banging my head on the wall. Up to now, I don't know what causes migraine and what can I do to at least lessen the pain. But experience helps me find ways at least it seems to be a cure. I guess migraine occurs when we abuse our body specifically deprivation of sleep. Five days in a row not having enough sleep will trigger different kinds of illness. As I have experienced with people, either a nasty headache or migraine, another would be the more scary one - activating a grave illness just waiting for your body to lower the immune system. Usually terminal illness will arise such as stage 4 cancer, kidney failure, liver failure and other terminal diseases.
Returning to the topic at hand which is migraine, a friend of mine experience it as she scours over the internet on what to take ( usually the alternative ones such as food supplements). She tried b-complexes and barley grass but did not have any effect. During those days she would be in pain for almost the whole day and night depriving her more of those precious sleeps. While having also a cough and cold, she thought that the migraine was caused by the colds due to the trapped snot in her nasal cavities. When she can't bear the pains, she decided to go chemicals ( the traditional medicines and drugs bought on drugstores ). She took cough and colds medicines such as carbocistein (mucolytic), phenylpropalamine with paracetamol ( no-drowse cold formula) but it did not have an effect. Out of desperation, she tried a herbal supplement from Healthy Options ( not promoting any brand ) and took two capsules named "echinacea" 400 mg each. After a 30 minutes her migraine was relieved. So I am documenting this for future occurences and it might help others also. I am not promoting this as my very purpose is documentation, it is the responsibility of the reader to believe or not believe what I have written here. Dosage would be 2 capsules 3 times a day and stop if the migraine ceases. 

A better way to relieve or might cure not just your migraines but other headache ailments. Watch : Migraines and other headache remedies

Extend your athletic stamina by many folds

Submitted by : likehealth //

I will not talked about the details of my life and how I like and learn to swim. I will be assuming that you already know how to swim. But this blog is for those that seem to have a hard time extending their distance in swimming. Such as :

1. Can't even finish swimming a lap ( 50 meters ).
2. After swimming a lap ( 50 meters ) you have to do bubbles or breathing to catch your breath.
3. After swimming a lap you continue to the second lap immediately and gets too tired to reach the end of the second lap.
4. After doing 6 to to 8 lapses with in-between bubbles or breathing you can't continue anymore because of exhaustion.

These are what I still experience after 25 years of swimming, when I was about 35 years old but I still continued swimming in a weekly ( once a week ) routine. Until I included honey in my daily diet. You may have heard a lot of featured stories, topics, health news, blogs etc. praising how honey is full of vitamins, minerals and all the other good things what your body can benefit from this product, which is virtually true. A few months after I started taking honey every morning about a tablespoon, I tried swimming continuously ( after a lap I swam the next lap ) for 10 laps then bubbles and swam the next 10 laps. At first I am still catching my breath but after a few weeks I've noticed that I am not getting weak that much. Until a friend told me that I can do it much longer distance, its just a matter of muscle conditioning he said. So I can swim the 20 laps for about 2 hours which includes socializing while swimming. Another friend introduced to me the paddles, it is used to strenghten the swimming stroke and I liked it. It divides the time of my swimming into half.

Presently, or as of this writing, I am now doing 40 laps ( 2 kms ) without stops with paddles in just about an hour and doing it twice a week. Which is not bad, because I've talked to a friend who just joined a beginners triathlon race and he said the swimming event is a 2 kms swim in 45 mins at max to stay on the race. Considering my age, distance and time to finish within race standards I feel that it is already an accomplishment for me. 

Also, to maintain all the honey's beneficial nutrients, never subject it to temperatures higher than our body's temperature, that is about 40 degrees centigrade. Remember, whenever ever a person has a fever, his temperature is closely monitored and is not allowed to exceed 40 degrees or else possible convulsion might sets in. Honey is sensitive just like our cells, exceeding a certain temperature destroys them.    

Hope this short article gave some important pointers. 

credits to the owner : images used.  

Different kinds of MRT and LRT people

Most of us at one time have ridden in one of our country's MRT or LRTs. These trains are designed for short trips only, it means that it is designed for travelling or riding in standing position, so you will notice that the seats provided are very limited and were allocated only for PWDs, seniors, elderly, pregnant ladies or parent with small child. This author is an everyday commuter of these electric public transport and have long since want to write about this. Here is a compilation of different people or riders that may probably identify you as one of them. This is only written for the purpose of fun and no pun intended.

Philippine National Hero : Jose Rizal

1. Hero type - they are considerate people, these commuters give their seats at the first sight of an elder, senior, lady or a pregnant woman. They are everyday heroes and are not limited to the men only. Because I see a lot of hero women also, sometimes I see more female heroes than males. 

Emcee-type rider

2. Emcee type - you will know this kind of rider when their phone rings, usually this person is a he. you will hear his voice even when he is from the far end of the coach. Talking loudly as if he is broadcasting the iterinary of his day.

Sleeper-type rider

3. Sleeper type - they are the sleeping riders whether they are really sleep because of exhaustion, lack of sleep or just pretending to be asleep so they could sit for the whole trip. They don't usually give their seats to the designated ones to sit. These riders are usually a he and also included in the class of the non-reactive type ( see No. 5 ).

4. Conversative  or  Talker  type - you will see these people conversing with each other unaware of the surrounding people. They are usually students talking moderately loud about their day's events either their assignments or happenings at school.  

TIC-type rider

5. TIC type - or Totally Immersed in Celphone rider, immediately upon entering the train they are already busy playing games or listening music with their phones, some standing and some sitting and are unaware of their surrounding if a person needs a seat ( pregnant women, elders etc.). They are one of most insensitive riders of the group. 

Hugger-typr rider

6. Hugger type - these riders are people who likes to hug the railings. They are people that don't care about their fellow commuters if others does not have something to hold on during the train is at motion. Railings are used as holding support for the riding public when the train is moving to avoid accidents.  

Unabled-type rider

7. Unabled or deadma type - (sarcastic form of disable, deadma or non-reactive person ) unable riders are those commuters that are normal healthy persons like you and me ( younger than the seniors ) without any disabilities of any form. Called unabled because they are unable to stand and give seats to the people that needs to sit. Other forms of unabled or deadma are the roadlogs and the leaners. Roadlogs are unable to move. While leaners are unable to stand without any support, a form of laziness.

Boombox-type rider

8. Boombox type - you will see these riders playing very loud music either with their bluetooth speakers or celphones, which is very annoying.

9. Beggar type - they are those riders that you will see sitting at the sides usually in the middle part of the trains. I am guessing its because of exhaustion, but they are not wary of the other standing people who will need the extra space they are occupying during their sitting posture.

Maniac-type rider

10. Maniac type - you will sometimes encounter these kind of riders simplifying ( *pasimple in filipino ) his actions, *chancing their way to take advantage of the crowded sardines situation. Most of the time is the skin to skin contact but sometimes to the more offensive contacts such as touching butts. Sometimes they get lucky, sometimes they get what they deserve hopefully most of the time which is a big slap in the face or a kick in the groin.

11. Crook guy - plain simple pickpockets, since they can't declare holdup inside the train.

deaf type

12. Deaf type - these are the riders that stand in the area of the train door, they are usually deaf and careless whenever there are people coming in or going out of the train. Either they are that careless or just totally immersed in their headsets even though you have shouted that you are going out.

13. Roadlog type - "tuod" in filipino. These standing riders that seem to be a dead tree blocking  in the middle of the entrance / exit of the train. Disregarding the inconvenience they are causing to the commuters going out or coming in the train.

Leaner-type rider

14. Leaner type - these riders that always lean on the railings. Railings are used to hold on to, to add safety to the riding public during the train is in motion. By leaning to the railings, commuters are deprived of the space to hold on in case the train makes sudden stops. These leaners are a form of unabled persons, persons that are unable to stand without leaning to the railings because of laziness, which is also irritating.

15. Very near the station type - they are the riders you see standing beside the door partially blocking the way in and out of the train, saying their destination station is very near, but its not.

16. Businessman type - you will see them with big baggage inside the train. These riders are hard working people, not minding how hard carrying their heavy cargo up and down the stairs without the help of the station's elevator or escalators just to earn a living.

17. Hour-after-hour type – you will know this type of rider when you smell them. We just hope they mind about their personal hygiene. Note: Hour-after-hour is a deodorant brand name famous in the 80s. see

*Note : simplifying is really not pasimple in filipino. Just playing with words. Pasimple means actions that are unnoticeable. While tsansing or *chancing means taking the chance to take advantage of touching a person physically from a simple skin to skin contact to a more offensive contact.